Gay Blogs Award 2017

It’s once again that time of the year where we get to choose from the best of the best of bloggers for the Gay Blog Awards 2017. With so many outstanding talents within the LGTBQ community, selecting the best and brightest among those rising stars is indeed difficult. However, we have come up with a short list of blogging site which we believe to have the greatest impact and relevance to issues facing the LGBTQ community.

Take time to view this year’s nominated sites and help us pick out the best one that should receive, not only the recognition it deserves but also the top prize that goes with the award.

You decide which blogger deserves to win the biggest prize.

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Voting ends at 12:00 PM on 20th of March 2018
€400 is divided between the bloggers
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Nomadic Boys

This blogging site is written by Stephan and Sebastian, a globe-trotting gay couple on a mission to seek out adventure from different corners of the globe and share it with the rest of the world. The site contains suggested destinations neatly arranged by countries, stories while traveling as well as delicious recipes of various cuisines they’ve managed to pick up along the way.
Joe My God is a blog that covers a diverse range of topics aimed at LGBT readers. While it has categories for politics, elections and marriage equality for general readers, the blog also has the specialized categories LGBT News and LGBT Culture aimed at the community.

Travels of Adam

The blog was founded by Adam (obviously), a former Boston-based graphic designer who decided to quit his job in 2010 instead of touring the world. Now based in Berlin, Adam offers his personal experience as well as some travel tips he learned from his adventures. In particular, readers might want to read on his nightlife tips (who doesn’t?), browse the photos of the destinations and, hopefully, read some juicy stories along the way, personal stories that Adam describes to be all-too-personal.

Boy Culture

Matthew Rettenmund founded the blog in 2005 for a rather very specific reason – “out of a desire to say something mean about a pushy journalist” (his own words). Twelve years on, the blog has morphed into an influential and all-encompassing blog covering celebrity, gay issues, music, film, theater, beautiful men, humor and politics. For those who are also wondering, it is yet unknown if Mr Rettenmund was indeed able to say something mean to that pushy journalist.

Dreamspinner Press

A US-based international full-service publisher, Dreamspinner is focused on the gay romance genre. The site publishes stories from 3,500 words and up with translations in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Hungarian. Since it began in 2007, the company has published around 3,000 from more than 500 gay romance authors, showing its impact on the LGBTQ community.
G & D are actually the initials of its two founders, Gerome and David who call themselves as an older and younger gay married couple. For those who are about to ask, Gerome is 25 years old while David is 58. They put up the blog very recently and is inviting everyone regardless of gender to read the experiences and stories they shared on the site. The couple hopes to inspire others to live happy, stress-free lives.

All Male

Obviously, the blog’s name is geared toward gay male readers. It has a section aptly called AllMale News which gives the latest on gay males celebrities and sports figures. Another category, Dating and Relationships, is particularly helpful for its readers as it contains dating tips and tackles particularly tricky situations like is it okay for gay men to date bisexuals for instance.

Gaysi Family

Its name is actually a pun on the phrase, “the gay Desi,” Desi being a “loose term for the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia” according to Wikipedia. Founded in 2011, the blog serves an online forum for Gaysis, a venue for them to air their coming out stories, erotic fiction, opinions on issues, book and movie reviews and even event notices. Since anyone can practically contribute, one can only expect the topics and issues to be as diverse as its members. Yes, theirs is something for everyone on this site.


This site has been created to create awareness about the LGBT community and be able to tell the world how great and exciting it is to be gay after 40. provides truthful solutions to problems being encountered in romantic relationships, relationship with family and also issues about health. This blog is very informative and a fun read.


An absolutely fabulous blog, you really have to appreciate the beauty of and the contents that it offers. It really provides a clear picture as to what helps to create a successful relationships among gays and even other members of the LGBT community.
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